• Chicken Wings $8.00

    Served with Ranch Dressing

  • Bruchetta Bay Shrimp $9.00

    Green Onions, Spicy Cream Sauce

  • Stuffed Bell Pepper $9.00

    Angus Ground Beef, Spicy Seasoning

  • Bruchetta $7.00

    Tomato, Basil, Garlic

  • Soup Of The Day $6.00

    In addition to our Daily Soup Special, we also serve daily, our house soups....Sweet Corn Chowder and our most popular Greek Avgolemono (Chicken, Lemon, Rice)

  • Clams Casino or Oyster Rockerfeller $18.00

    Parmesan, Bacon, Pepper, Parsley, Bread Crumbs

  • Prawns Cocktail $16.00

    House Made Cocktail Sauce

  • Spin A Yarn Prawns $14.00

    Sautéed in Garlic, Lemon and Butter in a Spicy Sauce (Local's Favorite)

  • Carpaccio $17.00

    Capers, Onions, Parmesan, Arugula, Balsamic

  • Crab Cake $16.00

    Old Bay Mayo, Watercress and Frisee Salad

  • Portobello Mushrooms $9.00

    Prosciutto, Cheese, Wine Demiglaze

  • Fried Zucchini $8.00

    Yogurt Lime Dipping Sauce

  • Calamari $9.00

    Fried (Pepper Dusted, Green Goddess, Lemon) OR Spicy Santorini Style

  • Sweet Corn Chowder $6.00

    Potato, Pepper, Onion, Cream


  • Spin A Yarn House Salad $7.00

    Romaine, Cabbage, Tomato, Apple, Walnuts, Blue Cheese

  • Caesar Salad $9.00

    Parmesan, Garlic Croutons, Romaine

  • Shrimp Louie $18.00

    Crisp Lettuce, Beets, Egg, Tomato, Avocado

  • Heirloom Tomato Salad $12.00

    Burrata Cheese, Basil Oil, Balsamic, Croutons

  • Citrus Fennel Salad $9.00

    Shaved Fennel, Red Onions, Citrus Wedges, Arugula and Raisins


    All entrees served with vegetables and choice of soup OR salad. (Exception of Beef Burger, served with herbed fries)

  • Lamb Shank $29.00

    Served with Soup or Salad, Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes

  • Rib Eye Steak Bone-in $55.00

    Served with Soup or Salad, Vegetables and Mashed Potatoe

  • T-bone Steak 20oz $49.00

    Served with Soup or Salad, Mashed Potatoes, and Veggies

  • Filet Mignon $44.00

    12 ounces of Angus Beef...Always a Favorite

  • Lamb Chops $43.00

    Marinated Greek Style

  • Half Roast Chicken $29.00

    Marinated Chicken Breast...Served with Soup or salad

  • New York Steak $40.00

    14 ounces of Angus Beef

  • Rib Eye Steak $46.00

    16 ounces of the Finest Cut Of Angus Beef

  • Pork Chops & Apples $30.00

    Marinated Bone-In Pork Chop ...Served with Soup or Salad

  • Prime Rib $40.00

    What we are Famous For!!! 16 ounces of seasoned Prime Rib, Carved Table Side and served with Fresh Horse Radish and Au Juice..... Hands Down Favorite


  • Prawn Risotto $29.00

    Prepared with Fresh Tomatoes and Capers

  • Wild Caught Salmon $34.00

    Seared over Rice Pilaf with Citrus Vinaigrette Sauce

  • Wild Caught Halibut $34.00

    Seared over Rice Pilaf with Citrus Vinaigrette Sauce

  • Wild Caught Sea Scallops $33.00

    Served over Rice Pilaf with Citrus Vinaigrette Sauce

  • Cioppino $31.00

    Salmon, Halibut, Clams, Calamari, Shrimp, Broth


  • Eggplant Parmesan $18.00

    Served with Soup or Salad

  • Seafood Linguine $28.00

    Red or White Sauce...Served with Soup or Salad

  • Linguine and Clams $18.00

    Red or White Sauce...Served with Soup or Salad

  • Rigatoni Ragu $17.00

    Slow Braised Beef, Marinara and Cheese...Served with Soup or Salad

  • Wild Mushroom Rigatoni $17.00

    Baked Pasta, Roasted Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Cream, Sage and Cheese...Served with Soup or Salad

  • Angel Hair $16.00

    Creamy Pesto...Served with Soup or Salad


  • Cheese Cake $6.00

    Fresh berries with Grand Marnier Sauce

  • Coconut Cream Pie $6.00

    Meringue, Toasted Coconut

  • Chocolate Mousse $6.00


  • Chicken Strips $7.00

    Served with fries, fruit or vegetables

  • Hamburger $7.00

  • Mac & Cheese $7.00

  • Rigatoni With Butter $7.00

  • Ravioli w/ Marinara Sauce $7.00


  • Chili Lime Corn $5.00

  • Chef’s Seasonal Vegetables $4.00

  • Scalloped Potatoes $4.00

  • Mac & Cheese $6.00

  • Baked Potato $4.00

  • Garlic French Fries $4.00

  • Rice Pilaf $4.00

  • Mashed Potatoes $4.00

  • Creamed Spinach $5.00